Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Clutter free spaces and less chaotic mind

Over the years, from my teenage years to mid 30's, I(just like many others) have gone through different state of minds, liking and disliking. Same was true for me in terms of my liking towards keeping my space around. I have thoroughly enjoyed my teenage being a clutter loving person(only in terms of keeping my space around). But as I grew up, one thing was surely understood- after a chaotic day of work, a clean and clear surrounding gives a sense of the much needed peace. But how does it happen actually-?

While I completely believe in my theory as I experienced it myself, I also conducted some experiments with a few people around. The best time to experiment was where they were already going through a chaotic phase in their lives say some issues in office or something else. I tried this experiment with different people lying on the different extremes of liking/disliking for organising their things and clutter/clutter-free surroundings. My first experiment was with a completely disorganised and clutter loving person when they were in some chaos. If i tried adding a little more clutter in their living spaces, they got very uncomfortable and they wanted to cleanup the mess. So basically there was a limit to which they could handle the clutter and in already chaotic situation, it was uneasy for them to handle more chaos around. So they started to sort some of their stuff. Some other day, in similar situation, i just cleaned up the mess before they returned home after a chaotic day. And as expected they were little more peaceful seeing things in place.

I tried same experiment with totally organised husband of mine.  And there you see a huge difference!
Just tweaking the place of a key from left to the right on a shelf hook would make him go crazy and they would not find it when it is still in front of their eyes. And ofcourse if you introduced 4 new unrelated things to say their work desk, they would be upset and will be seen more impatient. But in similar situation if they see everything cleaned up and lying at the designated place, whatever situation they are in, they seem more relaxed.

All of us are busy in our lives and in families where all are working people, it gets very difficult to keep cleaning and organising things around. For such people, the mantra to be followed is that the home should have only those things which have a designated space for them. Then you do not need to find special time for organising or cleaning your surroundings. 
So if you ponder over the next line for 5 times, you would find it easy, really easy:
If a thing A has a accessible and convenient place say X,Y coordinates in home, then it is never too difficult to place A at X,Y when it is not in use and pick it again from X,Y whenever needed. 
We all just need little and very little discipline to feel more peace in life. 

So just ponder over above, you will find many answers to the chaotic state of mind you deal with everyday!