Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Some de-cluttering hacks

Everything in the house should have a dedicated place. This essentially means a dedicated place for all stationary, dedicated space for for tools and hardware and everything else. 

De-cluttering hacks:
1. Save your courier cartons for de-cluttering. Put these into your drawers, cupboards and wardrobes. They make good containers for same sort of stuff. For example all pens can be kept in one box, similarly all adhesives like tapes, Fevicol, araldite etc go together in another box, all hardware tools in one, cutting tool in one, all charger and cables in one, gardening related stuff in one etc. Similarly all hair accessories together, one for hankerchieves, one for belts, one for ties, sewing accessories in one etc.  This way all things similar are together.

2. Use labels for containers so that other members in the family are aware that everything in the house has a designated space n they also take care while keeping back the stuff. Reading the label just ensures that they don't miss the rule of picking n keeping back stuff at designated space.

3. Use cable ties or rubber bands for saving charger cables from intermingling.

4. Wide PVC pipes act as a good organiser for badminton and tennis rackets. If you spend 10 minutes in any hardware shop, you will find plenty of such low cost hacks.

5. Save your old used crates and have wheels below them. Use brush and acrylic paint to add some interest and if you have some stamps-awesome!!!

Crates on wheels

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