Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Add your own personality to your decor

Whether you have got your interiors done from anyone, don't leave the styling stage without adding your own personality. When someone visits your home for the first time, they judge you by your surroundings. If it has your personal touch, it will reflect your personality. 

By personal touch, I mean the sort of decor objects that you put around. For example if you visit someone's home and you see fresh plants and flowers in the decor at multiple places, you can judge that the person is fond of flora. If there is a use of natural materials like jute, pebbles, sea finds like corals and shells, and less of acrylics, you can figure out that the person is more close to nature and like collecting and enjoying inspirations from nature. 

For example, if you see a console top with the following vignette, you can guess a bit of personality of the person living in that room. 

And believe me when your surroundings too reflect you as a person, you are at more ease and comfort.

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