Sunday, December 25, 2016

Tips on adding new life to your home

Not everybody is buying new home or refurbishing it every other month. But how do some homes always look different- full of energy and new life?

If you are someone who likes to keep your ambience always beautiful, just try this. Within the same decor, you can keep charging it by adding a bit of style here and there to make it look fresh and new. You can do it every week, every fortnight or every month depending on how much time you have. But it just takes a few minutes to do that. May be you can just target a few places in your home which are good for adding vignettes and keep changing them. These could be some corners, shelves, consoles or just table tops. This does not require you to keep buying new stuff. It just require you to change the vignette by changing mood, patterns, colours, adding fresh flowers, plants, having you favourite books, candles, cutlery(may be just a tea pot) or whatever that can be accommodated in that place which reflects your mood and personality.

For example : There are times when you want more pattern and colours. Simply pull out a different table cloth, table mat, small rug, or may be just cut an old suit, a torn saree and bring a beautiful piece of cloth form a background of your vignette. Then start layering it with your favourite books, candles or just small sculptures.

My Vignette today: Added a few books, candles, indoor plant & some cutlery

So just adding these and rearranging them, lighting a few candles makes a huge difference. Adding lamp or candles adds to the mood. If you have different sorts of lights available in the room, don't use them all together. Just highlight one space at a time. It brings more highlights and shadows instead of making it flat from all sides. Also prefer warm daylight lights as compared to cool day tube lights( white tube lights) which tries to flatten the surfaces.

Adding a life to the vignette like an indoor plant, fresh flowers or say a fish in a glass bowl makes it perfect and lively. And if you could give a few drops of your favourite fragrance oil- nothing beats that. 

Last but not the least, if there is a way to have your vignette blessed with a special spot or focus light- 3 cheers!

Keep experimenting!!!

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